The ECSA Online Training Course

Giving you the step by step process so you can become ECSA registered

This Happens Too Often…

You keep telling yourself that “this is the year you are going to become ECSA registered” but December arrives and you make little to no progress.


You don’t make progress because:


You don’t have a mentor to provide guidance.


You have not implemented a training system that sets goals.


You doubt if your work work experience is adequate.


You doubt if your reports meet all of ECSA requirements.


You are not sure if your reports are typed in the correct format.


You fear that your application will be rejected and you will have to start all over again.


You can’t find the time to focus on your training and just get the job done.

The Final Result Is..

You focus on other things in life and forget about becoming ECSA registered




You just give up and say ECSA registration is just not for me.

But It’s Not The End Of The Line For You

Introducing the 3 Step System that will help you overcome all obstacles that prevent you from becoming ECSA registered.


Becoming ECSA registered can be broken into 3 unique phases.


The First phase is called the experience phase. This phase is where you gain experience in your day to day job.


The second phase is the competence phase. This is where we learn about ECSA requirements and begin to align our work experience with ECSA 11 Outcomes and 5 different groups.


The final phase is the proof phase and this is where we log all our work experience in the form of a report which we then submit to ECSA for review.

The Problem Is That Everyone Starts at Phase 3

The truth is that candidates are only concerned about writing their reports that they forget that the objective is show how your work experience is aligned with ECSA requirements.


So writing a report to just get it done won’t get you very far


You need to start at the very beginning and go through each phase in the correct order

What You Need To Do Is First Understand The Requirements Before Starting The Reports

So first begin by getting work experience and then understand ECSA requirements.


Be careful, you need to fully understand ECSA requirements.


So if I ask, how did you accomplish ECSA outcome 1 and what is your definition of a complex engineering problem?


What would your answer be?


Are you going to tell me that you performed the detailed design of a system and that the problem is complex because you applied some form of Physics to solve the problem?


If your answer lies along these lines than unfortunately we need to go back review phase 2 of your training as this is where most of the misunderstanding occurs. What we define as a complex problem and outcome 1 is not always aligned with ECSA definition.


So whats the solution?

This Is Where The Training Comes In

We understand that sometimes work is really busy and you are unable to even take one day to attend some training that will guide you in the correct direction.


So we have designed an online ECSA training workshop where you are able to receive training anytime, anywhere. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection.


The training consists of 6 unique modules that have been designed to provide you with the correct foundation so you can become ECSA registered.


Module #1 - Creating the correct training structure

We show you where to find a mentor, how to create the training structure that will lead to success and all procedures that need to be completed with ECSA.


Module #2 - Alignment with ECSA requirements

We dedicated a full module on ECSA 11 outcomes so you fully understand ECSA requirements. This is where we work on the experience and competence phase of your training.


Module #3 - ECSA definitions

We make sure you are fully aligned with ECSA definition of a complex problem and activity. We even go as far as to give you a checklist that tests if you are solving a complex problem or performing a complex activity. So now we start to identify what work experience to log and what experience to leave out.


Module # 4 - Getting you ECSA registered

We focus on the content that needs to be included in the report, which reports you need complete and the constraints of each report so your application is not rejected.


Module # 5 - Experience that ECSA want to see.

No other training organisation will give this to you. We will give you report examples that others have used in their training. The final result… All of them are ECSA registered. We give you examples of the TER, TEO and outcome by outcome examples of the ER. By the time you have completed this module, you will know how to write your reports.


Module # 6 - Becoming ECSA registered within the next 12 months or less

We provide you with a step by step ECSA registration blueprint. We set target goals and deadlines for each step. Completion of this module help you focus on one task at time and help you become ECSA registered within the next 12 months or less.

This Is What You Get When You Enroll In Our Online Training Course

The 3 Step ECP System


All online training modules

All 6 online training modules that helps you progress through the Experience, Competence and Proof phase of the ECSA registration process with ease.


Examples that others have used

Over 13 report examples that others have used so you can bench mark your reports against what others have written within the industry that got them ECSA registered.


The Ultimate ECSA Blueprint

A Hard Copy Blue print that provides you with step by step guidance on how to become ECSA registered within the next 12 months or less.


The experience report testing tool

A tool that indicates which work experience you must log in your reports. This tool helps you create the skeleton for each of your reports.

By enrolling in our training and coaching program, you immediately accept our terms and conditions

Listen to what Michael Coaching Students had to say

Hi Michael

I just wanted to tell you thanks for all your assistance in helping me acquire my Professional Engineering Certificate. I received the confirmation email last week and the certificate is in the post. Thanks for your professional guidance and patience. It was really helpful in making the final hurdle, the interview, a breeze.

Dino Lupini

Professional Engineer

By enrolling in our training and coaching program, you immediately accept our terms and conditions

Q: How do I know if this training course is for me?


A: This training course is for anyone who wants to become ECSA registered or anyone who wants to become a mentor. If you are determined, committed and willing to go the extra mile, then this training course is for you.


Q: How do I access the course and how is the content presented?


A: Once you subscribe to our training course, a user account will be immediately created.


Once you complete your details, you will be immediately be granted access to all the online course content.


All content is presented in a video format so you can review the content as many times as you like and at a time that is convenient for you.


All you need is a computer or cellphone with internet connection to immediately access your training.


Q: How do the payments work?


A: A once off payment fee is deducted off your credit card. No further payment follow


Q: Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the training material


A: Absolutely, you have 30 days from purchase to request a full refund. No risk, no questions asked


Q: How long will I have access to the training material?


A: You will have access to the training material for a period of 6 months.


Q: How long will I have access to the training material?


A: You will have access to the training material for a period of 6 months.


Q: Is there anything else I should know?


A: Please read our terms and conditions as well which have been included in the next tab.

Training schedule: All online training can be conducted at the candidate’s convenience.



Value Added Tax: M&Y Consultants and Trainers are not a VAT registered company and all prices are exclusive of VAT



Refund Policy: The buyer has 30 days from purchase to request a full refund of payment.


Responsibility: M&Y Consultants and Trainers provide guidelines and mentoring on how to become professionally registered. Our training does not however guarantee professional registration as the final decision is dependent on council and out of our control. Therefore, we can not be held liable for any loss of income, loss of time or any other liability that may result due to the failure of your application as a professional.