Specialists In Helping You Become ECSA Registered

Even if you lack design experience, motivation or just don’t know where to begin

Not Sure Where To Begin Or Need Help Becoming ECSA Registered?

Schedule a strategy session and one of our consultants will help get you started

How We Can Help You Become ECSA Registered


Create the training structure

We are going to help you find a mentor and create a training structure that will make the ECSA registration process easy.


Identify the experience to be used

We are going to identify the type of work experience that ECSA wants to see so you know which projects to include and which projects to omit in your reports


link experience to ecsa outcomes

We are going to work with you and help you align your work experience with ECSA 11 outcomes so you application is approved


Get started with the reports

We are going to show you how to write your reports so you can show ECSA that you are ready to become Professionally Registered.



Set easy to complete tasks and goals

We are going to break the entire process into 4 simple steps and set deadline dates so you can become ECSA registered in the fastest possible time


Other Ways We Can Help You When It Comes To ECSA Registration

Preparation for the professional review

report review for new and rejected applications